The Ellis Legacy 1.2


James Ellis was the perfect toddler. He was adorable, calm, and obedient. Neither parents knew where his black hair came from, but it suited him quite well.





He learned all of his skills easily, and his parents greatly appreciated that.



Despite the god send that James was, it was  a chaotic time. Connor and Molly still managed to see each other every now and again, though.  Molly even brought in a couple thousand dollars from her new job. The diner nearby was the only place in town lenient enough to accept a first-time chef with no training.


But, it appeared that her maternity leave would start soon. Molly was once again reluctant to tell Connor that she was pregnant, so she put it off for as long as possible.


Once she did manage to get the word out, the soon-to-be father of two wouldn’t let her lift a finger. His absent-mindedness didn’t make him the best chef, but Molly appreciated the thought.


Until the stove burned down. Neither of the parents were very brave, so they panicked pretty badly when the kitchen caught on fire

. Screenshot-20

By the time Molly had managed to calm herself down, the fire had grown very large and extended into the bathroom. Her mind raced as she realized that’s where Connor had run off to.


She put out the rest of the kitchen and sprinted over to Connor.



But she was too late.


James, who had become a child mere minutes before, ran into the bathroom. He arrived just in time to see Death’s cloak sweep the fire away and claim his father once and for all. Shock swept across his mother’s face. “My water broke,” she whispered before rushing to the hospital.



Mark Ellis was the spitting image of his late father.



James and his mother grieved uncontrollably. Every second of the day seemed to be spent crying. Molly was too depressed to do anything.


So James took it upon himself to throw a small funeral. Only Connor’s closest friends and relatives were invited

. Screenshot-15

He got along quite well with Christopher Steel. Screenshot-14

He was also introduced to his uncle, Jared, but James didn’t like him very much. He was kind of mean.


He was rude to Molly, and James hated that.


But, seeing as Molly had no one else to turn to, he was her shoulder to cry on.


A few nights later, James pulled Jared aside and warned him to stay away. “My mother doesn’t need someone like you messing up her life while she’s vulnerable like this,” he said, heatedly. Jared looked completely taken aback and apologized to James, completely lying to his face. “I’m a good guy! I’m cool Uncle Jared. I don’t know what would make you hate me this much, but you have the wrong idea.”  He believed his own falsities.



Unfortunately, “cool Uncle Jared” continued to visit.


James would just make himself busy with Mark.


But Mark’s BFF would always be his imaginary friend. Imaginary friends always pay attention to you.


They don’t lay down in their room all day. Imaginary friends make better mommies.


The Ellis Legacy 1.1


Sunset Valley would be a new start for Molly. An escape from her dreary past, and a door for her bright future. She knew no one, had no money, and the only thing her ashamed family had left her was her late uncle’s property. Molly doubted that a few acres would be useful to her in this unfamiliar town, but her beauty and her skill as a chef might catch a few eyes.


But, in the meantime, she would have to settle for a part-time job at the spa. She had to build up her skill a little bit before she felt comfortable taking a full on job in the kitchen.

Screenshot-14 Screenshot-17

A garden would bring her a little extra food and money, seeing as her only possessions were a bed, a mini-fridge, and a toilet. Not exactly ideal.


After she managed to garner some extra money, she purchased her first cookbook and began memorizing every helpful tip and recipe. But between her job and gardening, she only had about an hour a day to study. It would be a slow journey.


She didn’t own a shower, so the local gym became her second bathroom. It was a popular hangout for the Sunset Valley residents, and Molly was getting a little lonely, so she began socializing. She noticed Connor getting a drink and decided she definitely wanted to get to know him better.


They became friends rather quickly. That is, after Connor took a quick swim. Molly was completely infatuated with him, and he seemed to return the favor.


Well, until the flirting got serious. Then he seemed to get upset. Maybe he has commitment issues? Molly thought to herself.


She was at a loss for what to do.


So, she invited him over in the hopes of finding out what was really wrong. As a friend, of course.  She didn’t have to say anything before Connor told her the whole truth. He explained to her that his previous wife had died a few years ago, and he was sorry if he seemed withdrawn, but he really was interested.


The night went on, and Molly proved that she, too, was interested. Extremely interested.


Yes, they got married on the same night that they had their first kiss, but they had a love that was superseded by nothing. Molly was positive that this was what she wanted to do, and Connor was finally ready to move on and find the perfect girl. Molly just hoped that her past wouldn’t catch up to her.


The years went on, and they struggled for money. Connor was grasping at a failing novel, and Molly was tired of being rejected over and over again by every restaurant in Sunset Valley.


But, she kept on practicing, and Connor kept on working, and their skills slowly developed. Molly’s dishes became tastier and tastier, and soon she felt confident enough to jump back into the job market.


Until she recognized the familiar sickness and signs of pregnancy. This was the worst time possible. They were in the gutter financially, and now she would never get a job. Slowly, she built herself up to telling Connor.


Initially, he seemed completely taken aback.


But he warmed up quickly.


The day of labor came oh so quickly, and Molly drove to the hospital alone.  According to her foggy memory, labor wasn’t that bad. She was very wrong. She decided that if this ever happened again, she would absolutely wake  Connor. Screenshot-84

The results were entirely worth it.


As a new mother, Molly had no time for makeup or doing her hair. She’d put on a bit of pregnancy weight as well.  This did not please her.


But she had a whole new life now. A life as a mother.


And maybe even a chef.